Monday, October 4, 2010

Bacon Gruyere Frittata

I love family thinks I am obsessed with them. My car always has a picnic blanket in the back...I give picnic baskets for shower gifts even when the couple has no interest...I firmly believe that food tastes better outside...

As summer comes to an end, we grasp every opportunity to picnic ... including breakfast. Last weekend, the morning temperature was 37 degrees, but the oven was still 400 degrees! We can't waste that perfect brick temperature! A quick assessment of the refrigerator ... only three eggs, but enough miscellaneous ingredients to make a mean frittata!

Bacon Gruyere Frittata

3 eggs
1 Tablespoon milk
carmelized onions (left over from the pizza)
chopped tomatoes
crisp smoked bacon...4-6 strips
fresh thyme
gruyere cheese...1/2 cup or so...
parmesan cheese sprinkled on top

I think traditionally, a frittata is made on a cooktop and finished in the oven, but we wanted to try the entire dish in the brick oven. The eggs were beaten with the milk, and the onions, tomatoes, thyme and bacon were gently stirred in. It was topped with shredded gruyere cheese and sprinkled liberally with parmesan cheese (because I sprinkle everything with parmesan cheese...)

We baked this about 15 minutes with the door closed.

Who knew three little eggs could poof like this??!! (:

The breakfast picnic was sunny and 48 degrees warm; the food was hot and tasty!! A thermos of hot cider and fleece blankets made it a memorable final picnic... (although it won't really be the final one...just don't tell my family.)


  1. Jan - this sounds delicious! I wish I was going be at the cabin this fall for a fall picnic!

  2. I wish you were too!!!! I am going up with old friends tomorrow...I think your minestrone soup will be on the menu...but we might have to eat inside...