Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob's Bran Creation

Some cooks use toothpicks to see if their baked goods are done. These two sophisticated bakers are looking for a specific temperature on their probe....180 degrees to be exact....!

Even the dough looks good!! Once again, we got so excited to taste it, that we forgot to take a picture of the final baked product!! (:

Bob somehow adapted a bran muffin recipe into scones. He casually mentioned something about a mix from the Amish bakery in Beaver Bay, MN but I don't know the exact details. I only know that they tasted wholesome, wonderful, and worthy of praise! They would also be good with butter, blueberry jam, or North Shore honey...

What a fantastic way to start a summer day! Now we just have to pry the recipe from Bob... (:

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