Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Our goal last weekend was to use our homegrown ingredients from the shore. We were hoping to use the Worden grapes from our orchard in a new pizza combination, but alas....they were not ripe enough! Thanks to the North Shore Market and their abundant (?) supply of grapes, we were able to continue with our pizza plan, and combined the grapes with brie cheese, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. The result was terrific! I loved the sweetness of the grapes with the brie. As an added bonus, the grapes stayed slightly crunchy because of the quick 2-3 minute baking time. The oven temperature was 690 degrees, so dough did an immediate "spring" ... crispy light dough, crunchy grapes, and creamy brie.... ahhh! On top of that, it was a beautiful fall day!

Our next "orchard pizza" involved the Summercrisp pears....and although they were not quite ripe either...

...we sliced them very thin, and layered the pears with blue cheese, walnuts, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It was declared a keeper by our visiting taste testers! We got the idea for adding nuts from Bill at The nuts add a whole new dimension to the pizza, and we loved it! (If you decide to check out Bill's blog, also take a look at Don's These guys have been really helpful...)

The honey crisp apples should have been ripe this week, but for some reason those trees did not even blossom this spring....!! ): Hopefully next year the neighborhood orchard will produce more abundantly and we will be making apple pizza, apple cake, and apple scones in the brick oven!


  1. Looks fantastic! I've got the woodenware for the bee hives in the cabin, and will get bees sometime the end of April next year, so hopefully they can help with the pollination.

  2. Steve we definitely will need your bees to make the orchard bloom next year,....keep us posted!